Tailoring teacher

Minimum of 3. Months

Current Volunteer Requirements

Finance & Accounts

Duration - Minimum of 3 months

Skill sets -Accounting / Ledger / Journal & Voucher

Duration - 2 days a week

Locations -Hyderabad and Mumbai

Age -(22 to 35 years)


Skill sets - Communication, Excellent coordination with Govt agencies / Corporates, colleges and Schools.

Capable to handle and organise events, good in MS Excel and reporting progress to management timely.

Location - Hyderabad and Mumbai

Age -(22 to 35 years)

For Mobile Hospital Programme

Duration - Minimum of 3. Months

Event Organizers - Retired seniors who wish to devote time to NGO activities

Corporates / Colleges who wish to volunteer in arranging events like health check up, blood donation, Supply of food to the slum children

Colleges who wish to Volunteer for exhibitions

MBBS | Trained Paramedics | Community Mobilizers

Duration -2 days a week for a minimum of 3 months

Preferred locations - Mumbai, Hyderabad, West Bengal and Rajasthan

Age -(22 to 35 years)